Monday, October 27, 2014

Day in the Life - Sunday, 26 October 2014

Just a short DITL since we have a one month old baby.  I'm finding that everything takes longer with two kids!

Emma is 3 years old.
Hazel is 5 weeks old.

Hazel is not sleeping very well at night.  I forgot to ask my husband for the details, so I don't remember all the night time waking drama.  I think there was a 1AM and a 2 or 3 AM wake-up ..

6 AM Emma is quitely calling me.  I go in and she wants her security blanket ("pinkie").  This seems reasonable, and she is happy pretty quickly... only fifteen minutes later she calls me again - to go potty, but I am busy with the baby by then (diaper and feeding), so I send in the husband.  She abuses at him for not being me, but eventually he gets her to pee and go back to bed.

6:45 Emma calls - "Can I get up now?" OK.  I get up with her, and leave husband to hopefully get a little more sleep.  I get Emma started with breakfast (granola) and tend to a fussy/hungry (again?) baby. 

I endure a bunch of fussies and try to make myself breakfast - pumpkin oatmeal with flaxseed.  Then I suggest we color in order to do something quiet where my attention can be divided.

7:35 Hazel falls asleep. She ends up sleeping a bunch and waking up for snacks.  I really need to keep a log of her sleep/eating in order to see patterns and to be able to answer questions from her pediatrician.

Emma's current favorite activity is puzzles.  She can easily do a 48 piece puzzle by herself.  I take the opportunity to get the laundry folded and drink coffee.

Emma wants to play outside with her new bike!  I think this was around 9:30 am.

Although the weather has been very warm for the time of year, husband takes a few minutes to close up the swamp cooler.

 I do some cleaning up and pass by this tidoo baby, drying in the bathroom. Creepy.  It is a doll is designed to go in the bath.

12 PM We need to get groceries, but with all our morning activities - snacks, baby feeding, etc, we don't get into the car until noon!  We go to pier1, and end up buying a new rug for the living room.  Here is husband putting Hazel into the "baby taco" newborn insert for the Ergo carrier:

After that, we buy groceries and head home.  We are in the driveway around 1:30.  Since the new baby has arrived, I am frequently astonished at how it ends up being hours later than the time I think it is in my head!

In the driveway, Emma stumbles and falls, causing a minor scrape on her knee.  Simultaneously, I am rushing in to feed the baby.  Emma gets a band-aid, then wanders the house sobbing and requiring hugs from both parents.  Will puts away the groceries while I breastfeed.

Then, we all eat some snacky food for lunch.  Will has nachos, I have a tofu scramble and bean burrito that I found in the freezer, Emma is given left-over pasta and sausage and cheetos (sigh) and really only eats the cheetos.  She is crying about her knee the whole time.

2:30 PM Next, it is "quiet time"  Emma falls asleep for her first nap in like three weeks.  She is super exhausted - I am sure the baby's nightime sleep issues are causing her to get less sleep.

I try to keep the baby quiet and get some rest, while Will also naps.  We had planned to have a movie and popcorn after quiet time. 

4 PM We try to gently wake Emma so we can watch our movie.  She doesn't wake up until I go in and talk to her around 4:30.  We start our movie, "Our Neighbor Totoro".  Emma loves it!

6:30 PM After the movie, we are all a little hungry.  I make peanut butter sandwiches, some cabbage salad.  Emma also gets pears and peas.  Then it is bedtime for Emma.  We put her to sleep, then the baby, then we read a little and fall asleep.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day in the Life - Saturday, August 02, 2014

I have been out of work for a while, and we are adjusting to having the little one at home full-time for now.

Emma is 2 3/4 years old
Becki is 31 years old
Will is 32 years old
Baby #2 is 32.5 weeks gestational age (about -8 weeks old!).

 7 AM - we wake up a little late!  Usually, I try to get up by 6 am to have a few minutes to myself to collect my thoughts before the girl wakes up.

Emma wakes up and unfortunately she has had an accident in her bed (big sigh - this happens way too often, like 80% of mornings).  I think this one is a geniune accident, but it is very hard to tell if she is incontinent, or if she is just too lazy/can't be bothered to use the potty.

We have several layers of mattress protectors on her new mattress.  I am wondering if we need to have a policy of pull-ups at night?

I take her to the bathroom and get her cleaned up.  I manage to coax her into some clothes, although it takes some additional work to get underpants on her.

We are having a hard time getting spun up this morning.  Usually, we go to the farmer's market Saturday mornings, but I decide to skip it since I don't have anything in particular that I want to buy.  It would have make for nice DITL photos, though. :) 

We make half-caff in the french press.

Emma has been really into puzzles lately, and requests them ALL THE TIME.  I recently gave her this new My Little Ponies lenticular puzzle, which is pretty challenging (what happened to normal puzzles with simple photos of kitties?)

We are mostly out of breakfast foods, and I am not in the mood to whip something up.  We have 2.5 pieces of bread, and I suggest making cinnamon toast - this turns out to be a very good project for Emma, as she can do a lot of it by herself.  

While we are doing that, Will takes to opportunity to practice some jazz piano theory.  Then it is time for the rest of the family to make breakfast - Will and I have quesadillas (that Will kindly cooks for us!).  Emma doesn't care much for quesadillas - feeding her can be very frustrating for me when even the toddler stand-bys fail.

As usual, meal time is interrupted by a potty break.  Emma is reading a Charlie Brown book.

 Emma's daycare started giving her tic-tacs (eew) as a reward for good potty behavior, so I have felt compelled to continue that at home.  I dislike the bribery, but it does work sometimes, and she really isn't very motivated otherwise.  She requests skittles (one for pee, two for poo).

Husband wants to take Emma to the nearby duck pond (which she LOVES) by bike, so we slowly start getting ready to go.

While we are getting ready, I go check on the garden.  It is better than some years, worse than others.  We are starting to get some tomatoes, a little late since I was late getting them in.  We also have some miniature eggplants and shishito peppers.

 Have you ever seen a 7 months pregnant lady riding a bicycle?  Really, I feel very lucky to be feeling as well as I do at this point in my pregnancy.  I have been very committed to staying active and maintaining muscle mass, and I think that has helped a lot with back pain and hip pain. 

Regardless any opportunity to ride my bike could be my last for a while, so I decide to do the duck pond rather than stay at home. It is an easy ride - maybe a mile?

The duck pond (at the university) is always a hit.   Several people have brought bread to feed the ducks, and share with Emma.

We have been having AMAZING cool and rainy weather recently, which makes it so much nicer to spend time outside.  It is a relatively nice summer to be pregnant (unlike last time when it was extremely hot and smoky from all the forest fires).

After the duck pond we stop at the coffee shop (I have a coupon!) and get a bagel snack.

When we get back, we have an early lunch of some leftover stuff (I have kale salad with peanut butter tortilla, Emma has leftover plain lasagne noodles with parmesan, raisins, and pecans that she makes herself). I decide to take the dog for a walk before it gets hot or rainy in the afternoon.  

This ends up being a questionable decision, as I am a little tired, and I guess the baby is positioned weirdly which is making my uterus feel all crampy and giving me lots of Braxton-Hicks.  I end up walking verrry slowly, and stopping to rest in the shade.  I found a cicada.

I get a lot of comments from neighbors about my big belly while I'm out.

Back at the house, Emma and Will have been playing play-dough and listening to loud music.  Poor Will has been doing so much work entertaining that one this day!

The Decemberists.

Next, we are out of all kinds of milk and fruit and other important things, so I take Emma to the grocery store so her dad can have a little time to himself.

Naptime has been a major struggle lately - taking me 1.5 hours work to get Emma to settle for a 1 hr nap (if at all), so we decide to skip it today, since we woke up late and don't have anything too exciting planned.  This actually went pretty well, only a few rough patches where she was over-tired, like when we got home from the store and Emma freaked out about seeing her dad (who had been her BFF for most of the day - I don't understand this kid).  She didn't want him to come out to the car to help with the groceries.

It is pretty late by the time we get back, and I am feeling quite tired.  We attempt a little quiet time.  Emma chooses Martha Stewart and Dr. Seuss, and I attempt to read Codex by Lev Grossman.

Will has been working on his "fun" programming project.  His hobbies are sadly a lot like work.

We've decided to have a snack plate for dinner (cheese, salami and crackers, some fruit and vegetables).  Emma again "helps" me prepare it. We get to eat outside since the weather is pretty cool still!

After dinner, we play with Tegu blocks and trucks.

Around 7:30 it is time to start getting ready for bed - it's Will's turn to put Emma to bed today.  They read some books and sing a song.

The mattress is on the floor because I can't find a toddler rail that will work with her mattress/bed.  It is surrounded with pillows because I had it up on a short, 4" platform, but Emma kept falling out of her bed in the middle of the night, which was so heartbreaking.

Emma is mostly asleep by 8:30.  I rest on the couch, do some internet shopping chores, and then we watch the first half of Winter's Bone.

 we get into bed around 10 and I read for a little while to try to get sleepy. And, unfortunately, this gets me all over-tired and I have a difficult time falling asleep.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day in the Life - Wednesday 22 April 2014

Emma is 2 1/2 years old and I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2!  This day seems not at all unlike previous days in the life.  We had a pretty good day, though, I am so grateful for a nice day with minimal toddler drama, as the previous WEEK she has been INSANE.  I think she's been feeling a lack of control over her life and as a result she's pushing back and being bossy and is uptight and picky about the weirdest things.  So, I think she really appreciated an easy routine day spent at home and a good night of sleep.  I any case, I feel very fortunate to have had such a good day.

As is pretty common, I am awakened early by the dog around 5:45 or 6.  I start the kettle and get dressed to go to the gym.  We are having french press because I've decided that our 10-year-old Mr.Coffee drip coffeemaker has too much built up gunge to make delicious coffee, but for some reason, I have been unable to bring myself to spend $17 on a new one.

The little one is sleeping in a little this morning.  The husband even gets out of bed before she forces him to.  I want to say goodbye to her before I go off to the gym - fortunately she gets up just before I have to leave, and is in a remarkably good mood.

We get her set up with some milk.  She tells me she wants to do a project with data while I'm at the gym.

I head out to they gym around 6:45.  My bump is outrageous for being only 4.5 months along, and I am not terribly happy about that, bah.

I get back by 8:15, and play with Emma a little, and clean things up a bit while Husband gets ready for work.  He heads out a little after 8:30.  I start some black beans cooking for Thursday's dinner (a work day).

I make a cup of tea and get things ready to fold laundry (all of it - I'm really behind on folding), and Emma asks me to put on her doll's clothes.

She spots some pajama pants and decides the doll HAS to wear them.  Then she tells me that her doll and two of her stuffed animals pooped their pants and need and diaper change and new clothes. So cute to see her projecting her experiences onto her toys.

She also does something awesome by picking out a totally reasonable outfit for herself (no clown costume!) and (mostly) putting it on by herself while I'm working.  This is unusual as most mornings, it takes a lot of convincing to get her dressed.

Next, the dog needs some love, so we get ready to walk her.  But first, a snack.  I pull out some grapes from Sunday's grocery expedition, only to find that they are already moldy!  Sad!  I give Emma the few that are OK, and throw the rest out.

We are ready by 10:30.  We need shoes, hats, sunscreen, collar for the dog, poop bags (for the dog!), sweaters, ... I needed to change my outfit since I thought those turquoise running shorts were looking frumpy under my baby bump.

Some really awesome flowers are coming up around the neighborhood - hedgehog/claret cup cactus is a personal favorite.

The weather is amazing - cool and slightly overcast.  It feels like I'm on vacation somewhere else.

These poppies grow all around our area like weeds, but they are so cute.  I always like pretty plants that don't need a ton of water to survive.

Almost home, with a little view of the mountains.

I planned to let Emma walk at the golf course, but I think she got scared by a golf cart (she thought it was a tractor) and elected to stay in the stroller.  It is getting pretty close to lunch time.  I make up some strawberry and banana smoothies and chicken breakfast sausage from Trader Joe's.  We eat them with whole wheat tortilla from Trader Joe's.  Even though we live in Albuquerque, I think Trader Joe's has some of the best tortillas in town (excepting the Frontier).

After lunch, Emma happily plays with some gel pens she got from the Easter bunny.

I take the opportunity to get pizza dough ready for dinner.

I didn't actually read these books on Weds, but I wanted to blog them because they are so great.  They have piles of fairy tales, and illustrations.  They are going to be so nice to have when the kids are a little older.

These are the books we actually read.  There is a little bit of drama around getting Emma to accept the fact that naptime is happening, but I get her to sleep (relatively) easily a little before two.  I take to opportunity to take a shower, rest, and put in a little time on my knitting project.  I'm also thrilled not to be utterly exhausted to the point of actually NEEDING to nap myself, and being able to do something fun.  It was a hard first trimester.

When she wakes up, she's a little grumpy.  I give her edamame for snack anyway, since its almost four and I don't want to spoil her appetite for dinner.  She eventually eats a few after realizing that I'm not going to give her anything else.  (She actually liked these pretty well the last time we had them).  I thought they were great - we need to eat these more often!

While she's in her high chair she tinkles in her pants a little for some reason (I have no idea why she's had this regression in potty training.)  She picks out some dry pants to wear.

Then she wants to play with her blue puzzle (it features Peter Pan and was given to us by my mom who is a retired kindergarden teacher).  I am impressed to discover that she has memorized the location of all of the pieces.  While she's happily playing, I decide to mend her pants.

When I get out the camera, she says, "Want to see picture of Emma!" and tries to take a picture.  To keep her from removing the batteries, I show her how to take a selfie.

Then it's time to get started on dinner.  Emma likes playing with the dough.

Hawaiian pizza.

Dad is home and ready for dinner.  Here he is mocking the silly toddler fake smile.

After dinner, these two play Hello Kitty dominoes (a strange but actually very nice purchase by Emma's other grandma).

Then I go crazy and decide it is time to wash sweaters.  The blue one is Emma's and the gray one is for the new baby! (socks are for husband)

Nature comes on Wednesday nights at 7, so we let Emma stay up a little bit to watch.  It is about Japanese snow monkeys, very cool.  I put Emma to bed, then I crash on the couch during Nova.  I actually told husband I'd do the dishes, but I was sooooo happy that he did them.  I apparently got so excited about having a good day and not being outrageously tired that I plain wore myself out.  In bed by 9:30 I think.