Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day in the Life - Wednesday 22 April 2014

Emma is 2 1/2 years old and I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2!  This day seems not at all unlike previous days in the life.  We had a pretty good day, though, I am so grateful for a nice day with minimal toddler drama, as the previous WEEK she has been INSANE.  I think she's been feeling a lack of control over her life and as a result she's pushing back and being bossy and is uptight and picky about the weirdest things.  So, I think she really appreciated an easy routine day spent at home and a good night of sleep.  I any case, I feel very fortunate to have had such a good day.

As is pretty common, I am awakened early by the dog around 5:45 or 6.  I start the kettle and get dressed to go to the gym.  We are having french press because I've decided that our 10-year-old Mr.Coffee drip coffeemaker has too much built up gunge to make delicious coffee, but for some reason, I have been unable to bring myself to spend $17 on a new one.

The little one is sleeping in a little this morning.  The husband even gets out of bed before she forces him to.  I want to say goodbye to her before I go off to the gym - fortunately she gets up just before I have to leave, and is in a remarkably good mood.

We get her set up with some milk.  She tells me she wants to do a project with data while I'm at the gym.

I head out to they gym around 6:45.  My bump is outrageous for being only 4.5 months along, and I am not terribly happy about that, bah.

I get back by 8:15, and play with Emma a little, and clean things up a bit while Husband gets ready for work.  He heads out a little after 8:30.  I start some black beans cooking for Thursday's dinner (a work day).

I make a cup of tea and get things ready to fold laundry (all of it - I'm really behind on folding), and Emma asks me to put on her doll's clothes.

She spots some pajama pants and decides the doll HAS to wear them.  Then she tells me that her doll and two of her stuffed animals pooped their pants and need and diaper change and new clothes. So cute to see her projecting her experiences onto her toys.

She also does something awesome by picking out a totally reasonable outfit for herself (no clown costume!) and (mostly) putting it on by herself while I'm working.  This is unusual as most mornings, it takes a lot of convincing to get her dressed.

Next, the dog needs some love, so we get ready to walk her.  But first, a snack.  I pull out some grapes from Sunday's grocery expedition, only to find that they are already moldy!  Sad!  I give Emma the few that are OK, and throw the rest out.

We are ready by 10:30.  We need shoes, hats, sunscreen, collar for the dog, poop bags (for the dog!), sweaters, ... I needed to change my outfit since I thought those turquoise running shorts were looking frumpy under my baby bump.

Some really awesome flowers are coming up around the neighborhood - hedgehog/claret cup cactus is a personal favorite.

The weather is amazing - cool and slightly overcast.  It feels like I'm on vacation somewhere else.

These poppies grow all around our area like weeds, but they are so cute.  I always like pretty plants that don't need a ton of water to survive.

Almost home, with a little view of the mountains.

I planned to let Emma walk at the golf course, but I think she got scared by a golf cart (she thought it was a tractor) and elected to stay in the stroller.  It is getting pretty close to lunch time.  I make up some strawberry and banana smoothies and chicken breakfast sausage from Trader Joe's.  We eat them with whole wheat tortilla from Trader Joe's.  Even though we live in Albuquerque, I think Trader Joe's has some of the best tortillas in town (excepting the Frontier).

After lunch, Emma happily plays with some gel pens she got from the Easter bunny.

I take the opportunity to get pizza dough ready for dinner.

I didn't actually read these books on Weds, but I wanted to blog them because they are so great.  They have piles of fairy tales, and illustrations.  They are going to be so nice to have when the kids are a little older.

These are the books we actually read.  There is a little bit of drama around getting Emma to accept the fact that naptime is happening, but I get her to sleep (relatively) easily a little before two.  I take to opportunity to take a shower, rest, and put in a little time on my knitting project.  I'm also thrilled not to be utterly exhausted to the point of actually NEEDING to nap myself, and being able to do something fun.  It was a hard first trimester.

When she wakes up, she's a little grumpy.  I give her edamame for snack anyway, since its almost four and I don't want to spoil her appetite for dinner.  She eventually eats a few after realizing that I'm not going to give her anything else.  (She actually liked these pretty well the last time we had them).  I thought they were great - we need to eat these more often!

While she's in her high chair she tinkles in her pants a little for some reason (I have no idea why she's had this regression in potty training.)  She picks out some dry pants to wear.

Then she wants to play with her blue puzzle (it features Peter Pan and was given to us by my mom who is a retired kindergarden teacher).  I am impressed to discover that she has memorized the location of all of the pieces.  While she's happily playing, I decide to mend her pants.

When I get out the camera, she says, "Want to see picture of Emma!" and tries to take a picture.  To keep her from removing the batteries, I show her how to take a selfie.

Then it's time to get started on dinner.  Emma likes playing with the dough.

Hawaiian pizza.

Dad is home and ready for dinner.  Here he is mocking the silly toddler fake smile.

After dinner, these two play Hello Kitty dominoes (a strange but actually very nice purchase by Emma's other grandma).

Then I go crazy and decide it is time to wash sweaters.  The blue one is Emma's and the gray one is for the new baby! (socks are for husband)

Nature comes on Wednesday nights at 7, so we let Emma stay up a little bit to watch.  It is about Japanese snow monkeys, very cool.  I put Emma to bed, then I crash on the couch during Nova.  I actually told husband I'd do the dishes, but I was sooooo happy that he did them.  I apparently got so excited about having a good day and not being outrageously tired that I plain wore myself out.  In bed by 9:30 I think.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day in the Life - Friday 24 January 2014

I originally tried to do day in the life last Sunday, and it would have been a fun one, too (cleaning the garage!) but I forgot to take pictures of our potty-training-celebratory fro-yo and foolishly gave up.  So here we are.  Potty training plus a pretty bad cold (I think we had colds for day in the life last year at this time, too!).

Friday is my day to sleep in a little bit - instead of going to the gym, I usually end up doing a workout video, or "crossfit-inspired" home workout (and hating myself a little for spending my Friday night that way).  Plus, I'm coming down with a cold so I sleep in a little bit.   I wake up when I hear Emma calling for me.  We put her in the toddler bed about a month ago, but she still doesn't get out on her own.

Next, we go sit on the potty.  E is pretty good at going potty, but for some reason, she has been resisting it, and saying she doesn't want to pee.  Next, we get some milk and breakfast, and dad gets up.  Emma is having leftover steel-cut oats, although I believe she only likes oatmeal so she can get raisins.  She seriously freaks out if we try to stir it!  I make the oatmeal in a 1.5 qt crockpot with at timer (cook on high for about 3hrs) so that it gets done in the morning, and it is super easy and not burnt.

I can't believe I'm posting this, but it is the only picture I took of myself all day!  Good thing its blurry.  During breakfast, we make multiple trips to the bathroom in hopes of catching a p-o-o-p.  This has proven to be tricky.  Here she is decorating herself with stickers, so she must have done something right!

The dog is begging for husband's bagel.  I feel the same way.

More time spent in the bathroom.  I have heard so many stories about kids that were easy to potty train.  This is not one of them.  I think she likes to go into the bathroom for attention, but then she doesn't want to pee, so sometimes it is the worst thing ever to have to go.

For some reason, I decide to sneak in some knitting time.  I am making a pair of fingerless gloves using this pattern.  I ended up charting out the lace by hand to make it easier to follow.  I made a pair for my mom to quilt in, but I had to have some in hot pink, so this is glove 3 of 4 from this pattern.

I like to tidy up on Fridays, plus it is too cold to go outside yet (we had some cold weather blow in recently).  Emma wants to use her "fancy markers" which are like bingo markers.  But, she doesn't end up doing this for long - for some reason she has been wanting me to do all of her coloring for her.  Um, no!

While cleaning, I find some artwork that needs to be filed.  I put it in her notebook, which she then wants to look at.  It has her birthday cards, birth announcement, postcards her uncle sent her, and artwork.

Finally I decide we can go out for a run with the dog.  I've been wanting to do this for a few weeks.  It is still very cold (low 20's F, I think).  We get all bundled up as best we can.  I actually didn't realize how cold it was when we started out, and my fingers quickly go numb.  Emma looks cozy with her down blanket.

I am so glad we have such nice exercise paths near our house.  This runs along an arroyo and the UNM shuttle at this point.  There is ice in the ditch!  I'm feeling a little queasy on our run/walk which I originally blamed on too much coffee.

The view of the mountains.  Looks smoggy because it has been VERY dry for the past MONTH.

After we get home, I go take a shower and Emma has a snack of an applesauce squeeze packet.  Then, impulsively, I decide to go to Thrift Town to look for some old furniture to turn into a play kitchen.  I've been wanting a nice play kitchen for Emma, and saw an ingenious one on Apartment Therapy recently that was made from a thrifted nightstand.

Didn't find a suitable nightstand, but these plates, which match a pair we already have.  Total spent, $1.

I see a sign for a new Habitat for Humanity ReStore nearby, so I decide to go there too, although I know I am pushing things a little with the potty clock.  Quick trip in and then I decide it is time to go home for lunch.

Funny story:  when I get home, I notice that the front door is unlocked - eep!  I figured I must have left it unlocked when we went out.  (Actually, I left the back door unlocked while we were out walking the dog, so this seems likely.)  Like many people, I constantly worry about leaving the doors unlocked.  We go inside and I look around - it doesn't seem like we've been robbed.  I try to get Emma to pee, at which point she resists loudly, and I plead with her (also loudly).  Then I hear a voice from the back bedroom...  It turns out that Husband came home from work to make an important phone call (I didn't notice his car in the driveway!).  And, we were being super noisy while he was on the phone with Important Person.  Good to know that I didn't leave the front door unlocked, though.

We have bagels for lunch.  I add a salad with oranges and cranberries.  Husband leaves to go back to work.  Emma is sad to see him go, since he stayed home with her on the holiday Monday, and on Thursday when she was too sick to go to school.  We eat chocolate cupcakes leftover from my birthday.

After lunch, Emma is talking about what things are made of:  glass, wood, paper, metal, plastic, etc.  I give her a spoon to tap things around the house and find out what they are made of.  Seems like a fun game, but it is short-lived.  I put E down for her nap soon after and she is asleep by 1:30.  Then I decide I need to tackle some to-do list items, so I start researching IRA's.

Naptime is too short, as always.  Emma wakes up around 3:30 EXTREMELY grumpy, and doesn't want to pee, again.

Crying on the toilet.  I had planned to make some calls (RE: to-do list items), but Emma cries for an entire hour, and it is impossible to talk on the phone with that going on.  I take her into her bedroom, and we rock for a while and read some books and she calms down and gets happy.  Then, it quickly becomes apparent that I've come down with the family cold, and I am just too tired to do anything, so I stay sitting on the rocking chair, while she piles me up with blankets and reads me books for a while.  Then, we move out to the couch, and she plays mostly by herself with her memory game for a while.

Around five, I decide she might be hungry, so I make macaroni and cheese and green peas for dinner.  I originally had other plans (leftover eggplant caponata), but real food seems very unappealing to my sick self.  The macaroni and cheese turns out to be a big hit with the kiddo, and later the husband!  The tea is still out from Emma's afternoon snack.

Husband has to work a little late since he went in late, and also came home midday.  I'm feeling a little better after dinner, but still pretty tired, so I decide we can watch some TV.  Emma calls it "TVV", which is a cross between TV and DVD, I think.

Emma and I watch Wallace and Grommit, "The Wrong Trousers".  She sits for the whole thing!  Husband comes home right as it is ending.  He eats dinner and puts E to bed.  I chat with Husband for a bit, then clean the kitchen, and read on the couch for a while.  This soon turns into sleeping on the couch, and I am done for the day.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day in the life 10-16-2013

Time for my quarterly blog post!  So, since my last post, I started working part time three days a week.  But work days are pretty boring - I wake up, kid screams at me, I go to work and look at a computer until my eyes dry up and fall out, pick up the girl, who screams at me for a few more hours, walk the dog, bedtime for the girl, cleanup, bedtime for me.  

For day in the life, I chose a Wednesday, which turned out to be a pretty routine stay at home day, and the girl had an unusually good day.  Plus we've had a lot of busyness this week with 2nd birthday festivities and a visit to the pumpkin patch, so I am posting this late, and have forgotten all of the details.

I wake up early to go to the gym!  I am so proud of myself for getting up early to go to the gym before husband has to go to work, I've made it several weeks in a row, two times a week.  I'm a morning person, but not that much of one.  But, I did get accustomed to a certain level of fitness when I was staying at home full-time, and I'd like to maintain that with my new schedule.  A little blog reading with my pre-gym coffee (coincidentally it happens to be Navigating the Mothership).

I'm out before the sun is up!  Wednesdays, I have to get there a little earlier, since husband has to be at work for an early meeting.  I think I left the house around 6:35.  No, I didn't take pictures of me with my bed head and working out.

When I get home, the little one is up and has already had breakfast.  She's playing with all her toys.  Next, I try to pick up some stuff around the house - pre-cleaning for my parent's upcoming visit.  The real cleaning (dirt removal) will happen Friday.

Emma busies herself in many nerve-wracking ways.  Here she plays with my bedside lamp.

I manage to get a shower in, around 8:30.  I've started inviting her into the shower with me - although it usually amounts to having her take a bath after I'm done with my shower.  In any case, two items off the to-do list.

We go out to the garden to bring in the last few things before it gets cold enough at night to kill the plants.  (Note: it was a good thing I did this, since we did get a cold night soon thereafter, that killed the plants).

The harvest: two eggplants and some cherry tomatoes, also some swiss chard.

I decide I have some time to start dinner - what I thought would be dinner for the following day (Thursday, a work day when it is really nice to have dinner ready when we walk in the door), but ended up being dinner on Friday due to some unexpected pizza.  This evening, we are planning to go out to dinner with friends to celebrate their wedding!

It is a baked eggplant-pasta thing.  My new work schedule is not conducive to low-carb eating.  I get out some paint markers (they're like bingo markers) that I bought Emma about a year ago because I thought they'd be easier for a 1-year-old to use.  She has a great time with them, and I actually get dinner made with minimal interference.

Making a silken tofu and cashew cream topping for the pasta from Veganomicon.  I grind the cashews in my coffee grinder after I wipe out the coffee grounds really well.

Emma sees me taking pictures and wants to try.  Here is one of the dog, Cookie.

Here we are heading out to the park, only a few minutes late (in terms of getting back for lunch).

Seems like every time we go to the park, the kids don't show up until we are ready to leave.  We play with chalk and dig in the sand, and go down the slide a few times.  I wish I was better at having a leisurely time at the park, so we could stay and play a good long time.

Back home for lunch, I make Emma a pasta salad with some pasta I had set aside from dinner prep earlier, broccoli and olives.  I eat some random leftovers from the fridge - I made 'tacos' with tofu scramble, mushrooms and cheese.  We eat around 12:30.  Then it is time for her nap.  I spend (waste) about an hour convincing her to sleep.  I have been seeing a disturbing trend of missed naps lately.  If I remember correctly, I use naptime to finish some hand-sewing on Emma's turtle costume for halloween.

Up from her nap, and I let her color for a few more minutes, by 4pm.  The little table was an awesome yard sale find, that I re-covered with tablecloth material (to replace little mermaid - ick).  Then, I think I forgot a little about taking pictures, and the rest are on my phone.  Next, I push us out the door, since we need to take the dog for a walk.

Emma was thrilled with her costume, and had a ton of fun wearing it and running all over while we walked the dog.

After husband gets home from work, we head out to dinner.
[ETA:  I forgot about the sweetest part of this day!  We had a few minutes to wait for husband to get home from work, and I sat down to read a magazine.  Then, Emma came over and climbed up on my lap and read it with me, very calm and sweet.  Usually she will grab it out of my hands, turn the pages, or try to force me to read something of her choosing.  It was like a tiny miracle.]

Happy hour at Seasons  on the patio.

Candid photo of husband.

Blurry full moon up past bedtime photo of me and Emma.  Sorry, I forgot to take better pics of myself!  Emma's behavior was outrageously bad the following day (to balance her one good day this month?), I suspect due to a late bedtime and a busy school day.  And I got up late which made me grumpy.  :)

Thanks for reading,  it was really great for me to do this as it got me back on track about taking pictures of fun everyday stuff.  I have some great pictures from this week that are not DITL related, too.

I need to do a few things differently next time:
more photos and better notes - why not take photos all week?
more details - what hilarious or witty thing did Emma say?  what music did we listen to?
more self-portraits
more interesting topics - pick an interesting day.
write up the post right away