Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day in the Life, Sunday 19 July 2015

Too late for the roundup, but I am attempting this for competeness (I'm writing it up a week later oy).  Things are really busy with two kids.  I think we are less stressed out now with the baby being bigger (and Emma past her crazy 3-year-old testing boundaries/tantrums/adjusting to new baby stuff).  But, we are still (still!) not sleeping terribly well and I know that hard times are ahead as the baby is increasingly demanding and mobile.

Will - 33 years old
Becki - 32 years old
Emma 3.75 years old
Hazel - 10 months old

Our morning is well underway before I remember that I plan to document the day.  I think at this point we've already had breakfast and everyone is up. 

We have moved the coffee maker to the laundry room (and the electric kettle as well) so I can turn it on when I wake up before everyone else.  So nice. 

Hazel has recently acquired a few new skills, which she is super excited about.  She can't pull up yet, but she can hang onto stuff, and she can now scoot around on her bottom or belly.  She is very good at entertaining herself at the moment, which is nice! She also recently acquired a new tooth for about six hours before it popped back into her gums and has been hiding ever since.

Here is my crazy hobby corner of the couch.  I am having a hard time scaling back my hobbies to fit into the limited free time in my current lifestyle and I need to be extremely careful about starting new projects.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with leftover mushrooms and sauteed collard greens from the garden (if I remember correctly).  The eggs were a gift from the in-law's free-range chickens.  Also unsweetened vanilla soymilk leftover from our recent camping trip was an unexpected delight in my morning coffee.  And couscous for a salad I am making to bring to the in-laws' house this evening.

The art table was left outside.  It has rocks decorated with paint and glitter glue.  I am wishing I had thought to have breakfast outside.

My garden is doing fairly well this year.  I have a few tomatos, a zucchini plant, I put in green beans but they are  not very productive, japanese eggplant is not very productive either.  The real winners are the swiss chard and collard greens (which only I like).  Wish I had planted more bell peppers and tomatoes.  Also, I'm planning on planting pole beans next year as well as a different variety of eggplant.  And more of everything if possible!

Husband is trying to sneak in a little hobby time while the baby naps, but I am guessing he ended up calling his parents instead.

Playtime: Hazel scooting all over and putting things in her mouth while we get ready to go for a bike ride.

We decide to take a family bike ride to the bagel shop a few miles away.  We have decided that Hazel is just old enough for some teeny tiny little short bike rides.  Here, she gets the "Chariot" fancy bike trailer, which is more supportive for an infant.   For this particular ride, Emma gets the new green double trailer all to herself. 

 We pass by a new building made from shipping containers on a scrap of land near the interstate.  My husband asks the proprietors and learns that it will have a coffee shop and brewery, nice things to have along the bike path.

Bagels are always a hit with the kids. I have mine with peanut butter since I am experimenting with eliminating dairy from my diet, and Einstein bagels has really good melty processed-style peanut butter.  After lunch it is getting pretty late, so we ride home and get the kids down for naps.  Emma has recently started taking naps again after a 1.5 year hiatus, strange!  I am guessing that having the baby wake up all night long has finally gotten to her.

After nap, it is time to load the kids in the car to visit their grandparents (we get on the road around 3pm, I think). I sneak in a little knitting time during the car ride.

We have been getting a lot more rain that usual this year, and everything is so green and lovely.

We get to meet their sweet and fearful new puppy, Sadie.

Grandma very much enjoys spoiling her grandkids.

For some reason, Hazel is afraid of her grandfather.  I'm sure she'll grow out of it.  My in-laws feed us a very nice dinner of grilled sausages, cole slaw, bread and corn. Emma is an unenthusiastic eater.

The kids play a little after dinner, and we all share a little ice cream.  Then it is way past time we should be heading home.  We wrestle the kids down to bed well after their bedtime, then it is lights-out for tired grown-ups soon after.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day in the Life, Monday 13 April 2015

Becki 32 years old.
Will 32.5 years old.
Emma 3.5 years old.
Hazel 6.5 months old.

I thought I would do a week in the life (HA!) and also do a food journal (breastfeeding has me very confused about what and how much I should be eating, and I don't really want to gain or lose weight right now).

5 AM Hazel wakes up.  I am super excited, she slept since 7:45 the previous night, and I also slept!  This comes after weeks of bad sleep due either to the baby waking up a bunch (and having trouble falling back asleep), the older girl waking, and insomnia for me due to too many interrputions to my sleep.  I have hopes of feeling human again and taking joy in life. 

5:30 I get Hazel back to sleep, and get another 30 mins of sleep myself!!  My alarm is set for 6 so I can go to the gym. 

I pump a little since I am expecting Hazel to be hungry while I'm out.  Then I feel an ant crawling on me.  Ug,  Spring and summer.  They supposedly come into the house to find water.  I can count maybe 5 or 6 different places where they come in, and it is never pleasant to try to presuade them not to.  I try to be quiet, but Emma wakes up (6:30, I guess?) and we have breakfast, Trader Joe's protein bread and (splurge) almond butter for me.

I head out to the gym a little after 7 after some drama (don't remember, involving trips to the potty/ants ?). We attempt to give Hazel a bottle, and she seems amused by the idea (yay!  working on re-training her to the bottle)  the kids are pretty needy and I feel bad leaving Will with the mess since he just woke up.  He is so nice to take care of them solo for me at such an... inconvenient time of day so that I can work out.

I get back from the gym a little after 8 and Emma is killing ants with a rock.  nice.  Hazel needs to nurse, as the bottle doesn't go as well as hoped. 

I make a little lunch for Will while he gets ready. I put Hazel down for her nap around 8:30, then I have a bunch of little stuff I want to get done, and Emma very much wants to play with me (she keeps getting stuff out and asking for paint, etc.). 
I eventually manage to get things together and shower before the baby wakes up, although I am having a hard time finding an activity for Emma that will "stick". 

I am trying to get us ready to go to the park for some exercise for Emma, Hazel wakes up a little earlier than expected, which makes things interesting as she is fairly fussy.

We are ready to go by 10:15!  Why, oh , why does this take so long.  We walk over since I think we can have a day where we don't go anywhere in the car and that is a good thing to do occasionally.  The weather is very nice, relatively cool and partly cloudy so we are not burning up.  Oh Summer, I dread you!

 We have fun at the park, Hazel plays in the sand, then we head home for lunch as we are hungry.  Home around 12, then I have to juggle feeding Hazel, feeding Emma, and putting Hazel down for a much-needed nap. I start quinoa in the rice cooker since I forgot to do it before heading out. Then I get lunch I make a burrito out of left-overs.  Emma gets yogurt, crackers, nuts, and some tortilla.  Sigh, no veggies.  I hope that some day I will get the hang of making vegetables routine at lunchtime for the kids. 

After lunch, I take advantage of the baby's nap to get dinner started.  I'm making crockpot enchiladas, but not in the crockpot.  Not at all traditional for New Mexico, they are more modern vegetarian meets tex-mex. 

Emma asks to paint with stamps again, so I get it set up while I work since I can no longer put it off. Hazel had a poopy explosion at the park all over her carseat, so I get a load of laundry started (another reason not to go anywhere, since we need to let the car seat cover dry).

After I'm done we sit down to read books on the couch in preparation for quiet time.  Hazel wakes up and joins us, and is fussy, and nurses while I'm reading. Hazel fusses while I get Emma set up in her room for quiet time.

I try to get a little rest, but Hazel wants attention!  I lie down with her on the bed for a while.  We water in the yard. 

I let Emma out around 3, and the rest of the afternoon, spins away from me:  I try to get the kitchen reasonably clean, Emma plays, Hazel needs another nap, Hazel is fussy, Emma wants to play with mom. 

Will is back from work a little early 4:45, or 5?  And he sweetly plays rough-housing with the kids.  We eat dinner (enchiladas have tomato sauce, quinoa, feta, beans, plus some frozen lentil mix stuff on the side since I didn't buy a lot of veggies last time at the store.) and then I clean up the kitchen (again!  more!).  More play time, then Hazel goes to bed early around 6:30, Emma gets a bath with Dad, and I go out to walk the dog.

When I get back, it is time to unwind, and Will and I end up talking about math proofs, then reading geeky stuff (Ada Lovelace's paper on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine), then finally a little reading from our novels.  No TV for us, as we don't have much to watch, and we just finished The Imitation Game (split over two nights - sigh).

9 pm I make my bed on the couch (due to trouble sleeping over the last 1.5 months) with a fan blowing on me, and fall asleep.  Hazel wakes up at 10 pm to nurse, but miraculously we all get back to sleep after that, and sleep the whole night!!  I am the most powerful person in the world!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day in the Life - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Will - 32 years old
Becki - 32 years old
Emma - 3.5 years old
Hazel - 4 months old

- I am looking forward to getting some inspiration from other parents from day-in-the-life as I feel like I am somewhat stumbling through my days (not fully confident that I am living them to the fullest and fulfilling all of my obligations to myself and my family).
- Emma has recently learned how to be very MEAN at 3 years old.  I think she is also taking out some jealous feelings toward her sister by throwing tantrums for Mom and Dad.  BUT, she has some nice days, and this day in particular she is suddenly saying things like "yes" and answering almost every statement with "allright".  It is strange and pretty cute.

12 AM - I am having a hard time sleeping.  After feeding Hazel at 11:30, I can't get to sleep.  Husband is breathing in my ear.  I move out to my beloved couch, read a little, and eventually fall asleep (success!).  Hazel wakes up a few times, but Husband ever so kindly takes on the work of rocking her back to sleep (twice).

4:45 AM - Emma wakes up and needs to go potty.  I run over so my poor suffering husband doesn't have to deal with her (on top of the fact that she is waking us up, she also usually screams that she doesn't want Daddy when he goes to help her in the middle of the night). 

While tucking her back in, Emma is in a mean mood, and tells me to take away her book and get a new one.  Then she won't tell me which one she wants... and starts throwing a tantrum.  I just about lose it, then switch tactics.  I tell her that the way she is behaving is no way to treat her friends - how would she like it if someone woke her up in the middle of the night to scream at her?  I eventually get her settled.

Now I debate the futility of getting back to sleep (knowing I have an alarm set for 6 AM, and that Hazel is VERY likely to wake up any minute for some food).  I lay down, and do get a tiny bit more sleep.

5:30 wake up - don't remember why... Hazel wakes around 5:45, and I stumble over to get her.  I feed her and change her diaper... then I start getting ready for the gym.  Breakfast for me is homemade bread (from the freezer) with peanutbutter and honey, coffee with soymilk. Will very sweetly gets out of bed and comes by before 6:30, and I am out the door around 6:45.

7 - 7:45 quick workout and back home (I am expecting Emma to be pretty hard on Will)  Home around 8 AM, things went well while I was gone!  Hazel went back to sleep, Emma was OK once she realized that Mommy wasn't coming.

Will and I take turns in the shower, he gets ready for work.  He also managed to start some quinoa in the rice cooker for lunch.  I make a sauce and play with the kid(s).  I'm trying to keep things low-key as much as possible today, since I have  had a feeling of taking on more activities than I can accomplish.

We slowly get ourselves ready to go to the library for story time. Hazel is falling asleep, so I put her in her carseat, and she has a little nap which continues in the car.

10 AM - get to the library on time!  Stories are dinosaur themed, and there is a dinosaur craft.  Sadly, Hazel wakes up shortly after we arrive and so does not get a very long nap. 10:30 AM nursing in public at the library.

11:30 - on our way home for lunch (I am starving!).  I think Hazel falls asleep in the car and takes a long nap.  Emma takes forever eating her lunch (black beans, quinoa, lemon tahini sauce which Emma didn't like, almonds).  We also had a few corn chips because I was still hungry after my lunch.  I unload the dishwasher while I wait for her to eat. 

Emma plays a little, then we sit down to read some books for "quiet time".  I close the door to her room around 1 PM.  Then I do a few things and sit down to knit a couple of rows on my sock.  I also supplement my lunch with some spinach and goat cheese salad left over from last night.

1:30 - I think I hear Hazel stir, and I am feeling like she's been asleep long enough and should be fed, so I go and get her up and feed her.  I also let Emma out of her room so we can have a snack and get ready to go the park.

A trip to the park is top priority today since the weather is very nice and warm, but is expected to turn cold and wet tomorrow through the weekend. 

I am a little sad because I wanted to walk over to the park, but we also needed to bring Emma's bike and I can't find the bungee cords for attaching it to the stroller (and I am sorry that I don't get to share a photo of this ridiculousness with you readers!).  I feel like it is pretty uncool to drive such a short distance, especially when the weather is nice.

Emma is fast on her bike! 

3:30 ish PM - Nursing in public, then I decide we've played long enough.  Maybe I'm thinking I'll get Hazel to sleep on the way home. 

4 - 5 PM - we play, do some drawing and stencils.  I keep trying to get Hazel to sleep, while not leaving Emma all by herself... she eventually falls asleep around 4:50, minutes before her dad gets home.

5:10 we have an early dinner.  I decided to thaw out this frozen vegan lasagne that I made as a freezer meal for the newborn days and never used.  It's probably been in the freezer for nearly 6 months!  We have dessert, too - vegan brownies.

5:40 PM - things are looking stable on the home front, so I decide to take the dog out for a walk, so I don't have to do it when it is very dark after bedtime.

Will and Emma play with tinkertoys while I'm gone (I'm so surprised how much she is loving this toy!).

6:30 We get Emma dressed in her pajamas, I work on the dishes, Hazel wakes up and gets pajamas, we put on Nature on PBS, I feed Hazel.

7:15 I try to get Hazel to sleep, Will starts bedtime routine with Emma, I set Hazel down to finish the dishes ...  Have to go put her to sleep again.  Eventually the kids are asleep and I sit down to write this post. 

8:45 - I think I'll have to finish tomorrow, it is time for me to read my book (Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell) and fall asleep - hoping for a better night of sleep from my insomnia brain tonight!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day in the Life - Sunday, 26 October 2014

Just a short DITL since we have a one month old baby.  I'm finding that everything takes longer with two kids!

Emma is 3 years old.
Hazel is 5 weeks old.

Hazel is not sleeping very well at night.  I forgot to ask my husband for the details, so I don't remember all the night time waking drama.  I think there was a 1AM and a 2 or 3 AM wake-up ..

6 AM Emma is quitely calling me.  I go in and she wants her security blanket ("pinkie").  This seems reasonable, and she is happy pretty quickly... only fifteen minutes later she calls me again - to go potty, but I am busy with the baby by then (diaper and feeding), so I send in the husband.  She abuses at him for not being me, but eventually he gets her to pee and go back to bed.

6:45 Emma calls - "Can I get up now?" OK.  I get up with her, and leave husband to hopefully get a little more sleep.  I get Emma started with breakfast (granola) and tend to a fussy/hungry (again?) baby. 

I endure a bunch of fussies and try to make myself breakfast - pumpkin oatmeal with flaxseed.  Then I suggest we color in order to do something quiet where my attention can be divided.

7:35 Hazel falls asleep. She ends up sleeping a bunch and waking up for snacks.  I really need to keep a log of her sleep/eating in order to see patterns and to be able to answer questions from her pediatrician.

Emma's current favorite activity is puzzles.  She can easily do a 48 piece puzzle by herself.  I take the opportunity to get the laundry folded and drink coffee.

Emma wants to play outside with her new bike!  I think this was around 9:30 am.

Although the weather has been very warm for the time of year, husband takes a few minutes to close up the swamp cooler.

 I do some cleaning up and pass by this tidoo baby, drying in the bathroom. Creepy.  It is a doll is designed to go in the bath.

12 PM We need to get groceries, but with all our morning activities - snacks, baby feeding, etc, we don't get into the car until noon!  We go to pier1, and end up buying a new rug for the living room.  Here is husband putting Hazel into the "baby taco" newborn insert for the Ergo carrier:

After that, we buy groceries and head home.  We are in the driveway around 1:30.  Since the new baby has arrived, I am frequently astonished at how it ends up being hours later than the time I think it is in my head!

In the driveway, Emma stumbles and falls, causing a minor scrape on her knee.  Simultaneously, I am rushing in to feed the baby.  Emma gets a band-aid, then wanders the house sobbing and requiring hugs from both parents.  Will puts away the groceries while I breastfeed.

Then, we all eat some snacky food for lunch.  Will has nachos, I have a tofu scramble and bean burrito that I found in the freezer, Emma is given left-over pasta and sausage and cheetos (sigh) and really only eats the cheetos.  She is crying about her knee the whole time.

2:30 PM Next, it is "quiet time"  Emma falls asleep for her first nap in like three weeks.  She is super exhausted - I am sure the baby's nightime sleep issues are causing her to get less sleep.

I try to keep the baby quiet and get some rest, while Will also naps.  We had planned to have a movie and popcorn after quiet time. 

4 PM We try to gently wake Emma so we can watch our movie.  She doesn't wake up until I go in and talk to her around 4:30.  We start our movie, "Our Neighbor Totoro".  Emma loves it!

6:30 PM After the movie, we are all a little hungry.  I make peanut butter sandwiches, some cabbage salad.  Emma also gets pears and peas.  Then it is bedtime for Emma.  We put her to sleep, then the baby, then we read a little and fall asleep.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day in the Life - Saturday, August 02, 2014

I have been out of work for a while, and we are adjusting to having the little one at home full-time for now.

Emma is 2 3/4 years old
Becki is 31 years old
Will is 32 years old
Baby #2 is 32.5 weeks gestational age (about -8 weeks old!).

 7 AM - we wake up a little late!  Usually, I try to get up by 6 am to have a few minutes to myself to collect my thoughts before the girl wakes up.

Emma wakes up and unfortunately she has had an accident in her bed (big sigh - this happens way too often, like 80% of mornings).  I think this one is a geniune accident, but it is very hard to tell if she is incontinent, or if she is just too lazy/can't be bothered to use the potty.

We have several layers of mattress protectors on her new mattress.  I am wondering if we need to have a policy of pull-ups at night?

I take her to the bathroom and get her cleaned up.  I manage to coax her into some clothes, although it takes some additional work to get underpants on her.

We are having a hard time getting spun up this morning.  Usually, we go to the farmer's market Saturday mornings, but I decide to skip it since I don't have anything in particular that I want to buy.  It would have make for nice DITL photos, though. :) 

We make half-caff in the french press.

Emma has been really into puzzles lately, and requests them ALL THE TIME.  I recently gave her this new My Little Ponies lenticular puzzle, which is pretty challenging (what happened to normal puzzles with simple photos of kitties?)

We are mostly out of breakfast foods, and I am not in the mood to whip something up.  We have 2.5 pieces of bread, and I suggest making cinnamon toast - this turns out to be a very good project for Emma, as she can do a lot of it by herself.  

While we are doing that, Will takes to opportunity to practice some jazz piano theory.  Then it is time for the rest of the family to make breakfast - Will and I have quesadillas (that Will kindly cooks for us!).  Emma doesn't care much for quesadillas - feeding her can be very frustrating for me when even the toddler stand-bys fail.

As usual, meal time is interrupted by a potty break.  Emma is reading a Charlie Brown book.

 Emma's daycare started giving her tic-tacs (eew) as a reward for good potty behavior, so I have felt compelled to continue that at home.  I dislike the bribery, but it does work sometimes, and she really isn't very motivated otherwise.  She requests skittles (one for pee, two for poo).

Husband wants to take Emma to the nearby duck pond (which she LOVES) by bike, so we slowly start getting ready to go.

While we are getting ready, I go check on the garden.  It is better than some years, worse than others.  We are starting to get some tomatoes, a little late since I was late getting them in.  We also have some miniature eggplants and shishito peppers.

 Have you ever seen a 7 months pregnant lady riding a bicycle?  Really, I feel very lucky to be feeling as well as I do at this point in my pregnancy.  I have been very committed to staying active and maintaining muscle mass, and I think that has helped a lot with back pain and hip pain. 

Regardless any opportunity to ride my bike could be my last for a while, so I decide to do the duck pond rather than stay at home. It is an easy ride - maybe a mile?

The duck pond (at the university) is always a hit.   Several people have brought bread to feed the ducks, and share with Emma.

We have been having AMAZING cool and rainy weather recently, which makes it so much nicer to spend time outside.  It is a relatively nice summer to be pregnant (unlike last time when it was extremely hot and smoky from all the forest fires).

After the duck pond we stop at the coffee shop (I have a coupon!) and get a bagel snack.

When we get back, we have an early lunch of some leftover stuff (I have kale salad with peanut butter tortilla, Emma has leftover plain lasagne noodles with parmesan, raisins, and pecans that she makes herself). I decide to take the dog for a walk before it gets hot or rainy in the afternoon.  

This ends up being a questionable decision, as I am a little tired, and I guess the baby is positioned weirdly which is making my uterus feel all crampy and giving me lots of Braxton-Hicks.  I end up walking verrry slowly, and stopping to rest in the shade.  I found a cicada.

I get a lot of comments from neighbors about my big belly while I'm out.

Back at the house, Emma and Will have been playing play-dough and listening to loud music.  Poor Will has been doing so much work entertaining that one this day!

The Decemberists.

Next, we are out of all kinds of milk and fruit and other important things, so I take Emma to the grocery store so her dad can have a little time to himself.

Naptime has been a major struggle lately - taking me 1.5 hours work to get Emma to settle for a 1 hr nap (if at all), so we decide to skip it today, since we woke up late and don't have anything too exciting planned.  This actually went pretty well, only a few rough patches where she was over-tired, like when we got home from the store and Emma freaked out about seeing her dad (who had been her BFF for most of the day - I don't understand this kid).  She didn't want him to come out to the car to help with the groceries.

It is pretty late by the time we get back, and I am feeling quite tired.  We attempt a little quiet time.  Emma chooses Martha Stewart and Dr. Seuss, and I attempt to read Codex by Lev Grossman.

Will has been working on his "fun" programming project.  His hobbies are sadly a lot like work.

We've decided to have a snack plate for dinner (cheese, salami and crackers, some fruit and vegetables).  Emma again "helps" me prepare it. We get to eat outside since the weather is pretty cool still!

After dinner, we play with Tegu blocks and trucks.

Around 7:30 it is time to start getting ready for bed - it's Will's turn to put Emma to bed today.  They read some books and sing a song.

The mattress is on the floor because I can't find a toddler rail that will work with her mattress/bed.  It is surrounded with pillows because I had it up on a short, 4" platform, but Emma kept falling out of her bed in the middle of the night, which was so heartbreaking.

Emma is mostly asleep by 8:30.  I rest on the couch, do some internet shopping chores, and then we watch the first half of Winter's Bone.

 we get into bed around 10 and I read for a little while to try to get sleepy. And, unfortunately, this gets me all over-tired and I have a difficult time falling asleep.