Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day in the Life, Wednesday 20 April 2016

Emma: 4.5 years
Hazel: 1.5 years

 6 AM - I get up early.  I set up to do some abs exercises before everyone is up.  I've had a cold and I am still recovering from our recent trip, so getting up early to exercise is a challenge.  Fortunately, it only takes about 15 minutes to do abs, and gets it out of the way!  (I'll do the rest of my workout the next day while Emma is at preschool).  Then I look at blogs and probably do some planning.

The kids get up and come over for snuggles.  We've been having morning grumpiness for a while, which this picture does not capture!

 The dog wants to be fed.  She has a 3-4 inch gash in her side, which she got while we were away.  Fortunately, my in-laws were watching her and took great care of her.  She will get her stitches out in about a week.

We get breakfast for the kids.  I give them some strawberry muffins (frozen from a few weeks ago), but they end up being not really into them.

Will gets ready and goes to work.  I go looking for a stacking toy for Hazel, but the kids end up choosing this tool set toy instead, which is great since Emma has been very interested in building things lately, and I am trying to encourage that!  I'm still looking for really good building activities for her age.

9AM - After I get a few things done around the house, we go outside.  Hazel has been obsessed with wearing these slipper boots lately, but they are too big for her.  I tried to capture how she is stumbling and falling all over the flagstone in this photo.

The kids' Nana told me she would come over to drop off Emma's vest (left at her house over the weekend), so I decide to do some yard work in the morning while we wait.  I put Hazel in the pack-n-play while I use the electric hedge trimmer, and Emma wants to come too, which is good because it results in less crying from Hazel.

10 AM Next we have a little snack.  I give them a little banana and slivered almonds to dip it in (we didn't have any coconut, plus I wanted to goad Emma into eating banana and to stop whining).  Then I put Hazel down for her nap and set Emma up with some quiet activities: cutting, coloring.

While she's busy, I finish cleaning up the weeds and yard trimmings.  I am loving these poppies that are growing wild in our yard!

I don't remember, but I think Emma and I end up having lunch while Hazel is napping because I am starving.  I don't remember what we ate.  When Hazel wakes up, I set her up with her own lunch and do a short (15 min) piano lesson with Emma.  Emma is enjoying piano and I want to keep that momentum going, since I really struggled with it when I started at age 5 or 6.  Maybe she just loves it more than I do and it will be easy and fun for her?  Maybe she'll feel differently when she gets older.  This particular lesson ends up being a little short because we are all tired.

Next we walk down to the park.  I have Emma walk most of the way.  She's carrying a bag of sand toys.

Some early cactus flowers.

Playtime at the park.  We end up just missing Nana since she was running late.  Emma finds a little boy (3 yo) with a 4-week-old little baby to play with, and they play throwing the sand toys all around.  Hazel sticks a little closer to mom.

When we get home, the kids are a little wacky. Hazel is eating an apple ring and Emma is  rolling on the floor with colored pencils.

5/5:30 PM Will comes home.

Dinner is my version of a silly thing that I ate while we were on vacation: tempeh, rice, kimchi and peanut sauce in a burrito (no kimchi for the kids since I bought a spicy flavor).  Emma is pretty OK with her dinner - Hazel eats a little rice and not a lot of tempeh.

 After dinner, the kids decide to play dress-up.  They love wearing this giant (24 mo size) onesie that was a gift to Emma when she was younger.  Cute and Hilarious.

7/7:30 Will puts the kids to bed.  We are reading chapters of Charlotte's Web (I'm not sure if this is a great choice for a 4 year old!) I take the dog for a walk and enjoy these amazing roses we encounter - there are like 20 feet of roses at this property line and they are so beautiful. 

I don't remember if bedtime was easy or hard this particluar night. I also don't remember what we did after the kids went to bed, but we did finish up Game of Thrones season 5 this week. 

Now I can see why I am so tired after these sorts of days!  Even a pretty simple day like this where we don't get in the car is long and exhausting! I've recently decided to re-instate quiet time for Emma and Me during summer, even if it means getting less done, because I just can't keep up the intensity like I have been without taking a break at some point.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day in the Life, Friday 13 February 2016

Will 33.5
Becki 33
Emma 4.25
Hazel 16 months

5:30 ish - I wake up after a pretty good night of sleep.  I go turn on the coffeemaker, grab my knitting project and look at blogs on my ipad.  This is a pretty nice start to the day when I don't have to go to the gym or work on my job search.

7 am - the kids sleep really well and don't wake up until 7.  They have gotten to be such great sleepers (now that they're sharing a room).  The difference is unbelievable.  Our mornings are so much easier, and it is really giving me so much needed mental space to manage the details of our lives and contemplate taking on larger projects.

I go in and get the kids.  Emma needs to go potty, Hazel needs a diaper change.  The dog needs to go out.  We get breakfast for all three (rice krispies for the kids, dog food for the dog).  I have oh la la fancy bran flakes with slivered almonds and raisins which reminds me of honey bunches of oats cereal.  Will has a bagel.

Emma decides to get herself dressed before breakfast since she is pretty excited about her day's activities.  This is happening occasionally and is just another thing that is making our lives SO MUCH easier.  She even picks out a pretty reasonable outfit by herself!

Then the kids play while we take showers and get ready for our day.

8 is - Will puts together his lunch and heads out to work. Emma and I attempt to play with Hazel for a few minutes. The kids are somewhat occupied, so I do a few household chores (cleaning up after breakfast ... I don't remember what else).

8:30 - I set up the pack-n-play with some activities with some activities for Hazel and Emma and I sit down to do her piano lesson.  She is starting to learn the note letter names on the white keys (D,C,E).  She is very motivated to learn and doing so well.  I am not sure how long this will last, but we've been doing three lessons a week (M,W,F) to keep up the momentum.  It has been challenging keeping Hazel happily busy at the same time as we obviously can't do piano lessons during her nap!

The lesson runs a little short, but that is OK as it gives the kids time to have a little snack before we take the bike trailer up to Emma's school.

9:30 - getting loaded up in the bike trailer, shoes on, etc.

10 AM - arrive at school, lock up the bike.  Emma's class is handing out valentine's and the teachers were nice enough to let us stop by and pick them up.  Emma really loves her valentine cards.  (but the candy! ugh).  Hazel likes sitting in the big kid chairs and looking at the toys at school.

I very much would like to get them both in school 3 days a week. I think Hazel would enjoy it, and Emma could use more exposure as she prepares for kindergarten.  She is really seeming to prefer being comfortable and safe at home, but I think it would be good for her development to spend more time around rowdy kids her own age. And, although she prefers to stay home, I think she is really craving the challenge and stimulation that comes from being in the school environment.

10:30 - It seems like it takes forever to hand out the cards, but nope, only 30 minutes!  We head home since Hazel seems tired (screaming in the bike trailer). The weather is very warm and lovely for biking (although unseasonably warm - I'm so not ready to be done with winter!).

We putter around at home for a while since it is too early for lunch (Hazel doesn't fall asleep during a first attempt at a nap, so I figure I'll put her down after she eats).  Emma wants to look at her valentine's cards. I read her the messages and the names on each.

11:30 we have an early lunch so we can get Hazel down for her nap.  The kids have pizza toast, I have an egg salad sandwich.  Emma and Hazel have a little bit of valentine candy.  "Candy" might be Hazel's favorite word.  We are back to motivating Emma for potty training using a small candy treat.  This currently means that both of them get candy several times a day.   Hazel insists.

12 pm.  I put Hazel down for her nap, and Emma and I get to work making chocolate valentine cupcakes that I have been excited about for a month!  I thought this would be nice for her since she's going to miss the party at school.

After cupcakes, I sit down to relax a bit, but then realize that I've chosen a relatively complicated dinner and need to get started on it so we can take advantage of the nice weather and play at the park after nap (without having to run home early to get things ready).  I spend a bunch of time cooking and cleaning, then realize I had better get Hazel up.  The cupcakes have cooled, and I quickly frost them while Emma adds hot pink sugar.  I am very amused by how seasonal they look.  Who have I become?

1:45 we end up waking up Hazel and have a mini party (cupcakes and sparkling water).  The kids are delighted.

2:30 - Then we get ready to head out to the park - socks, shoes, sunscreen, water.  We walk over.  Hazel is not walking on her own yet - but soon, she is so so close! So I walk her around a bunch.  Emma practices climbing which is so great.  We see a few familiar faces.  We spend about and hour and a half there, I think.

4 - time to head home (home by 4:30) and put stuff away and get the lentil loaf in the oven.  Will is home around 4:45, we have dinner by 5:30, the kids don't eat so well.  My Friday treat beer is Santa Fe brewing Gold, which is NOT such a treat as it is very budweiserey.  Good thing I didn't buy a whole six-pack!  People - put better beers in cans (not just flavorless light-style beers and IPA, please) - they are so much easier to recycle!

Husband and kids goof around until bedtime - it is Will's turn and he gets the girls ready and reads them books 7 - 7:30.  Meanwhile I am cleaning the kitchen and hugging Hazel (in retrospect, I think she is being clingy because she's hungry due to not eating dinner).  Then I take the dog for a short walk.

8 pm - grown-up time!  Will wants to watch Mad Men.  OK, sure.  Then I head to bed to read my weird books - The Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose (about the human mind and the laws of physics) and Russka by Edward Rutherfurd (an extremely long novel about the history of Russia).

11:30 even though I keep falling asleep on my book, I have a hard time actually falling asleep.  I eventually get up and eat a snack of peanut butter and graham crackers and Sleepytime Extra tea.  I guess I fall asleep eventually after that. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day in the Life, Sunday 19 July 2015

Too late for the roundup, but I am attempting this for competeness (I'm writing it up a week later oy).  Things are really busy with two kids.  I think we are less stressed out now with the baby being bigger (and Emma past her crazy 3-year-old testing boundaries/tantrums/adjusting to new baby stuff).  But, we are still (still!) not sleeping terribly well and I know that hard times are ahead as the baby is increasingly demanding and mobile.

Will - 33 years old
Becki - 32 years old
Emma 3.75 years old
Hazel - 10 months old

Our morning is well underway before I remember that I plan to document the day.  I think at this point we've already had breakfast and everyone is up. 

We have moved the coffee maker to the laundry room (and the electric kettle as well) so I can turn it on when I wake up before everyone else.  So nice. 

Hazel has recently acquired a few new skills, which she is super excited about.  She can't pull up yet, but she can hang onto stuff, and she can now scoot around on her bottom or belly.  She is very good at entertaining herself at the moment, which is nice! She also recently acquired a new tooth for about six hours before it popped back into her gums and has been hiding ever since.

Here is my crazy hobby corner of the couch.  I am having a hard time scaling back my hobbies to fit into the limited free time in my current lifestyle and I need to be extremely careful about starting new projects.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with leftover mushrooms and sauteed collard greens from the garden (if I remember correctly).  The eggs were a gift from the in-law's free-range chickens.  Also unsweetened vanilla soymilk leftover from our recent camping trip was an unexpected delight in my morning coffee.  And couscous for a salad I am making to bring to the in-laws' house this evening.

The art table was left outside.  It has rocks decorated with paint and glitter glue.  I am wishing I had thought to have breakfast outside.

My garden is doing fairly well this year.  I have a few tomatos, a zucchini plant, I put in green beans but they are  not very productive, japanese eggplant is not very productive either.  The real winners are the swiss chard and collard greens (which only I like).  Wish I had planted more bell peppers and tomatoes.  Also, I'm planning on planting pole beans next year as well as a different variety of eggplant.  And more of everything if possible!

Husband is trying to sneak in a little hobby time while the baby naps, but I am guessing he ended up calling his parents instead.

Playtime: Hazel scooting all over and putting things in her mouth while we get ready to go for a bike ride.

We decide to take a family bike ride to the bagel shop a few miles away.  We have decided that Hazel is just old enough for some teeny tiny little short bike rides.  Here, she gets the "Chariot" fancy bike trailer, which is more supportive for an infant.   For this particular ride, Emma gets the new green double trailer all to herself. 

 We pass by a new building made from shipping containers on a scrap of land near the interstate.  My husband asks the proprietors and learns that it will have a coffee shop and brewery, nice things to have along the bike path.

Bagels are always a hit with the kids. I have mine with peanut butter since I am experimenting with eliminating dairy from my diet, and Einstein bagels has really good melty processed-style peanut butter.  After lunch it is getting pretty late, so we ride home and get the kids down for naps.  Emma has recently started taking naps again after a 1.5 year hiatus, strange!  I am guessing that having the baby wake up all night long has finally gotten to her.

After nap, it is time to load the kids in the car to visit their grandparents (we get on the road around 3pm, I think). I sneak in a little knitting time during the car ride.

We have been getting a lot more rain that usual this year, and everything is so green and lovely.

We get to meet their sweet and fearful new puppy, Sadie.

Grandma very much enjoys spoiling her grandkids.

For some reason, Hazel is afraid of her grandfather.  I'm sure she'll grow out of it.  My in-laws feed us a very nice dinner of grilled sausages, cole slaw, bread and corn. Emma is an unenthusiastic eater.

The kids play a little after dinner, and we all share a little ice cream.  Then it is way past time we should be heading home.  We wrestle the kids down to bed well after their bedtime, then it is lights-out for tired grown-ups soon after.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day in the Life, Monday 13 April 2015

Becki 32 years old.
Will 32.5 years old.
Emma 3.5 years old.
Hazel 6.5 months old.

I thought I would do a week in the life (HA!) and also do a food journal (breastfeeding has me very confused about what and how much I should be eating, and I don't really want to gain or lose weight right now).

5 AM Hazel wakes up.  I am super excited, she slept since 7:45 the previous night, and I also slept!  This comes after weeks of bad sleep due either to the baby waking up a bunch (and having trouble falling back asleep), the older girl waking, and insomnia for me due to too many interrputions to my sleep.  I have hopes of feeling human again and taking joy in life. 

5:30 I get Hazel back to sleep, and get another 30 mins of sleep myself!!  My alarm is set for 6 so I can go to the gym. 

I pump a little since I am expecting Hazel to be hungry while I'm out.  Then I feel an ant crawling on me.  Ug,  Spring and summer.  They supposedly come into the house to find water.  I can count maybe 5 or 6 different places where they come in, and it is never pleasant to try to presuade them not to.  I try to be quiet, but Emma wakes up (6:30, I guess?) and we have breakfast, Trader Joe's protein bread and (splurge) almond butter for me.

I head out to the gym a little after 7 after some drama (don't remember, involving trips to the potty/ants ?). We attempt to give Hazel a bottle, and she seems amused by the idea (yay!  working on re-training her to the bottle)  the kids are pretty needy and I feel bad leaving Will with the mess since he just woke up.  He is so nice to take care of them solo for me at such an... inconvenient time of day so that I can work out.

I get back from the gym a little after 8 and Emma is killing ants with a rock.  nice.  Hazel needs to nurse, as the bottle doesn't go as well as hoped. 

I make a little lunch for Will while he gets ready. I put Hazel down for her nap around 8:30, then I have a bunch of little stuff I want to get done, and Emma very much wants to play with me (she keeps getting stuff out and asking for paint, etc.). 
I eventually manage to get things together and shower before the baby wakes up, although I am having a hard time finding an activity for Emma that will "stick". 

I am trying to get us ready to go to the park for some exercise for Emma, Hazel wakes up a little earlier than expected, which makes things interesting as she is fairly fussy.

We are ready to go by 10:15!  Why, oh , why does this take so long.  We walk over since I think we can have a day where we don't go anywhere in the car and that is a good thing to do occasionally.  The weather is very nice, relatively cool and partly cloudy so we are not burning up.  Oh Summer, I dread you!

 We have fun at the park, Hazel plays in the sand, then we head home for lunch as we are hungry.  Home around 12, then I have to juggle feeding Hazel, feeding Emma, and putting Hazel down for a much-needed nap. I start quinoa in the rice cooker since I forgot to do it before heading out. Then I get lunch I make a burrito out of left-overs.  Emma gets yogurt, crackers, nuts, and some tortilla.  Sigh, no veggies.  I hope that some day I will get the hang of making vegetables routine at lunchtime for the kids. 

After lunch, I take advantage of the baby's nap to get dinner started.  I'm making crockpot enchiladas, but not in the crockpot.  Not at all traditional for New Mexico, they are more modern vegetarian meets tex-mex. 

Emma asks to paint with stamps again, so I get it set up while I work since I can no longer put it off. Hazel had a poopy explosion at the park all over her carseat, so I get a load of laundry started (another reason not to go anywhere, since we need to let the car seat cover dry).

After I'm done we sit down to read books on the couch in preparation for quiet time.  Hazel wakes up and joins us, and is fussy, and nurses while I'm reading. Hazel fusses while I get Emma set up in her room for quiet time.

I try to get a little rest, but Hazel wants attention!  I lie down with her on the bed for a while.  We water in the yard. 

I let Emma out around 3, and the rest of the afternoon, spins away from me:  I try to get the kitchen reasonably clean, Emma plays, Hazel needs another nap, Hazel is fussy, Emma wants to play with mom. 

Will is back from work a little early 4:45, or 5?  And he sweetly plays rough-housing with the kids.  We eat dinner (enchiladas have tomato sauce, quinoa, feta, beans, plus some frozen lentil mix stuff on the side since I didn't buy a lot of veggies last time at the store.) and then I clean up the kitchen (again!  more!).  More play time, then Hazel goes to bed early around 6:30, Emma gets a bath with Dad, and I go out to walk the dog.

When I get back, it is time to unwind, and Will and I end up talking about math proofs, then reading geeky stuff (Ada Lovelace's paper on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine), then finally a little reading from our novels.  No TV for us, as we don't have much to watch, and we just finished The Imitation Game (split over two nights - sigh).

9 pm I make my bed on the couch (due to trouble sleeping over the last 1.5 months) with a fan blowing on me, and fall asleep.  Hazel wakes up at 10 pm to nurse, but miraculously we all get back to sleep after that, and sleep the whole night!!  I am the most powerful person in the world!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day in the Life - Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Will - 32 years old
Becki - 32 years old
Emma - 3.5 years old
Hazel - 4 months old

- I am looking forward to getting some inspiration from other parents from day-in-the-life as I feel like I am somewhat stumbling through my days (not fully confident that I am living them to the fullest and fulfilling all of my obligations to myself and my family).
- Emma has recently learned how to be very MEAN at 3 years old.  I think she is also taking out some jealous feelings toward her sister by throwing tantrums for Mom and Dad.  BUT, she has some nice days, and this day in particular she is suddenly saying things like "yes" and answering almost every statement with "allright".  It is strange and pretty cute.

12 AM - I am having a hard time sleeping.  After feeding Hazel at 11:30, I can't get to sleep.  Husband is breathing in my ear.  I move out to my beloved couch, read a little, and eventually fall asleep (success!).  Hazel wakes up a few times, but Husband ever so kindly takes on the work of rocking her back to sleep (twice).

4:45 AM - Emma wakes up and needs to go potty.  I run over so my poor suffering husband doesn't have to deal with her (on top of the fact that she is waking us up, she also usually screams that she doesn't want Daddy when he goes to help her in the middle of the night). 

While tucking her back in, Emma is in a mean mood, and tells me to take away her book and get a new one.  Then she won't tell me which one she wants... and starts throwing a tantrum.  I just about lose it, then switch tactics.  I tell her that the way she is behaving is no way to treat her friends - how would she like it if someone woke her up in the middle of the night to scream at her?  I eventually get her settled.

Now I debate the futility of getting back to sleep (knowing I have an alarm set for 6 AM, and that Hazel is VERY likely to wake up any minute for some food).  I lay down, and do get a tiny bit more sleep.

5:30 wake up - don't remember why... Hazel wakes around 5:45, and I stumble over to get her.  I feed her and change her diaper... then I start getting ready for the gym.  Breakfast for me is homemade bread (from the freezer) with peanutbutter and honey, coffee with soymilk. Will very sweetly gets out of bed and comes by before 6:30, and I am out the door around 6:45.

7 - 7:45 quick workout and back home (I am expecting Emma to be pretty hard on Will)  Home around 8 AM, things went well while I was gone!  Hazel went back to sleep, Emma was OK once she realized that Mommy wasn't coming.

Will and I take turns in the shower, he gets ready for work.  He also managed to start some quinoa in the rice cooker for lunch.  I make a sauce and play with the kid(s).  I'm trying to keep things low-key as much as possible today, since I have  had a feeling of taking on more activities than I can accomplish.

We slowly get ourselves ready to go to the library for story time. Hazel is falling asleep, so I put her in her carseat, and she has a little nap which continues in the car.

10 AM - get to the library on time!  Stories are dinosaur themed, and there is a dinosaur craft.  Sadly, Hazel wakes up shortly after we arrive and so does not get a very long nap. 10:30 AM nursing in public at the library.

11:30 - on our way home for lunch (I am starving!).  I think Hazel falls asleep in the car and takes a long nap.  Emma takes forever eating her lunch (black beans, quinoa, lemon tahini sauce which Emma didn't like, almonds).  We also had a few corn chips because I was still hungry after my lunch.  I unload the dishwasher while I wait for her to eat. 

Emma plays a little, then we sit down to read some books for "quiet time".  I close the door to her room around 1 PM.  Then I do a few things and sit down to knit a couple of rows on my sock.  I also supplement my lunch with some spinach and goat cheese salad left over from last night.

1:30 - I think I hear Hazel stir, and I am feeling like she's been asleep long enough and should be fed, so I go and get her up and feed her.  I also let Emma out of her room so we can have a snack and get ready to go the park.

A trip to the park is top priority today since the weather is very nice and warm, but is expected to turn cold and wet tomorrow through the weekend. 

I am a little sad because I wanted to walk over to the park, but we also needed to bring Emma's bike and I can't find the bungee cords for attaching it to the stroller (and I am sorry that I don't get to share a photo of this ridiculousness with you readers!).  I feel like it is pretty uncool to drive such a short distance, especially when the weather is nice.

Emma is fast on her bike! 

3:30 ish PM - Nursing in public, then I decide we've played long enough.  Maybe I'm thinking I'll get Hazel to sleep on the way home. 

4 - 5 PM - we play, do some drawing and stencils.  I keep trying to get Hazel to sleep, while not leaving Emma all by herself... she eventually falls asleep around 4:50, minutes before her dad gets home.

5:10 we have an early dinner.  I decided to thaw out this frozen vegan lasagne that I made as a freezer meal for the newborn days and never used.  It's probably been in the freezer for nearly 6 months!  We have dessert, too - vegan brownies.

5:40 PM - things are looking stable on the home front, so I decide to take the dog out for a walk, so I don't have to do it when it is very dark after bedtime.

Will and Emma play with tinkertoys while I'm gone (I'm so surprised how much she is loving this toy!).

6:30 We get Emma dressed in her pajamas, I work on the dishes, Hazel wakes up and gets pajamas, we put on Nature on PBS, I feed Hazel.

7:15 I try to get Hazel to sleep, Will starts bedtime routine with Emma, I set Hazel down to finish the dishes ...  Have to go put her to sleep again.  Eventually the kids are asleep and I sit down to write this post. 

8:45 - I think I'll have to finish tomorrow, it is time for me to read my book (Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell) and fall asleep - hoping for a better night of sleep from my insomnia brain tonight!